Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What I Want For Mother's Day

Dear Family,

My favorite gifts for Mother's Day are all about service.

I love it when you pamper me all day long. It feels like you understand how much I do for you and you want to give some of that back. This is what I am looking forward to on Mother's Day on Sunday.

Breakfast in Bed

An extra long time to soak in the tub with a really good book

Homemade Cards or letters from each of you

Dinner cooked by anyone but me! (My cute dad organizes all his sons and son-in-laws to do dinner for all the daughters and daughters-in-law every year.)

Flowers planted in my flower beds. This has become a tradition and I love that you do this for me every year.
The best gifts really are the simplest. 

Thank you for remembering me and all that I do for you. 

I love you, 

P.S. One gift I do not want this year. 

P.P.S. I don't really want you to spend a lot of money on me because I am in charge of the budget and I haven't really budgeted for Mother's Day Gifts! Pin It

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