Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our Pioneer Heritage

I recently returned from spending the weekend in Wyoming at Martin's Cove Historic Site. My husband is participating in a Mormon pioneer trek with the youth in our ward this summer. He needed to get some training first and I tagged along since it was our 24th Anniversary.

I love hearing the stories about my husband's amazing pioneer ancestors. I have decided that I need more evidence of our pioneer heritage in our home to inspire our children.

I was impressed with Stefanie Nielsen's use of a bleached oxen skull with their family motto in her new home at Fox Hill. I just didn't think I could do the whole skull thing! You can read about the famous skull here.

I am wondering if I can just get away with this cute oxen pillow!

I love the braided rag rug that I have in my laundry room that I inherited from my Grandmother.

I also love this cute old-fashioned pitcher filled with flowers.

I think I have to buy this print.

10 year old Samuel Gadd carried his little brother, 1 year old Daniel, up Rocky Ridge in a fierce blizzard. Samuel's grave is now in Rock Creek Hollow. My husband is descended from Samuel's little sister Mary Ann Gadd.

I especially loved hearing about the Matriarch of this family--- Eliza Chapman Gadd. She became a widow on the trail, caring for 8 children. She wasn't even a Mormon! Her husband had convinced her to come West with the Mormons after he had been converted to the church in England.

You would think that she would be bitter or disenchanted after enduring the suffering and hardship that the Willie Handcart company had to endure. But she wasn't. As soon as she arrived in Salt Lake, she asked to be baptized.

I love her strength and courage and fortitude. These are qualities I want my daughters to develop. I love this painting because it symbolizes to me the truth that we are who WE are because of the woman who went before us. There is a family tradition that suggests that Eliza was pretty feisty too and that she and Captain Willie butted heads a few times on the trail. I love that part of her too.

This funny story has been passed down in the family.  One time after a heated conversation with Eliza Gadd, Captain Willie was heard to have said, "You can break some mules and saddle 'em and ride' em. Some mules just need to be shot."

Doesn't Eliza sound great?!

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Check out this awesome Pioneer Party at the Picket Fence.

I love this! It might be Katie's Birthday party this year! 

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  1. Do you know where you can purchased the picture of Samuel Gadd carrying his brother up Rocky Ridge?


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