Friday, May 2, 2014

Batik Quilt Squares

We have just finished up learning about the Underground Railroad. I read the students a picture book about slaves who would hide secret clues about the underground railroad and the path to freedom in their quilts. To go along with this unit, I had the students create quilt blocks using a batik process. Since this is another folk tradition, I thought the two things went well together.

I don't have step by step instructions but it is actually very easy.
Simply use a square of white fabric.  You could use a T-Shirt or a handkerchief or even a tote bag. I just ripped a white sheet into squares for my students.

Design your piece. I had my student create images that may have been used as clues in an Underground Railroad quilt: houses, rivers, trees, etc.

Create your simple drawing on the white fabric with Elmer's Gel Glue. Gel glue has a thicker consistency and works well for this project.

Let the glue dry. Then use watered down acrylic paints to cover the square. Cover up everything-- glue and all.

Let the paint dry. Then stick the square into hot water for 5 or 10 minutes. The gel glue will dissolve- leaving the outlines of the picture in white. I love the finished product. This was a fun new art technique to try.

Here is the website where I got this terrific idea.

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