Saturday, May 17, 2014

{DIY} Jean Bottle Water Holders

This is the second craft that we did with our cute first year campers.

This craft was free because we used some old jeans that my daughters had grown out of. We thought it would be cute if the water bottle holders came with front and back pockets to hold granola bars or chapsticks etc. Once we cut the jeans in half and cut off the bottoms, we sewed up the sides and then the girls cut the edges to create a fringe. I think you can see the fringe at the bottom of this picture.

Next we attached the ribbon handles.

The girls measured where they wanted their water bottle holder to hang and then sewed the straps on themselves.

Then came the fun part!

We set out paints and the girls used their thumbs to make thumbprint flowers all over the jeans.

The girls were so creative. I love how unique each water bottle holder turned out. 

I think carrying these cute matching water bottle holders will make their hike much more fun! Don't you? 

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