Friday, November 1, 2013

Thanksgiving is Next!

By Deborah Rowley

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! We served brick oven pizza to all of our trick or treaters. I wish all our readers could have stopped by! It was so delicious. Can you believe that I made thirty-two 12 inch pizzas last night? We had pepperoni, Hawaiian, BBQ Chicken and Chicken Alfredo. We even had BBQ pizza with hot dogs. (Katie's favorite.) We also served dessert pizzas. I did an apple one and a fresh raspberry one. Delicious! I dressed in a chef's costume and assembled the pizzas and my husband manned the newly finished oven. We had carved a pumpkin to direct everyone to the back yard. It was so much fun!

(Our Pond in the Fall. My Favorite!) 

Now I am already looking forward to Thanksgiving. Here is my favorite Thanksgiving post from last year. I love this story about Tom Turkey and his Terrible Temper. Throughout the story you add different color feathers to the turkey's tail. It is the perfect story to kick off Thanksgiving season and help calm cranky kids who are hyped up on too much candy!

Read the whole post and find the complete story and the free printable at the link below.
The Turkey with the Terrible Temper

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