Thursday, November 7, 2013

Grass Head Guys

By Deborah Rowley

In my elementary school class we have been learning about plants. Of course, we needed to experience growing things and I couldn't resist these grass head guys! Simply layer some potting soil in a cup. Then disperse a layer of grass seed and cover with some more potting soil. Water generously every day and within a week you will see your grass start to sprout! I was amazed at how quickly it grew.

Here is Bob! 
Here is Bob with his wild, jungle look. 

Here is Bob after his first hair cut. This is his school picture. 

Here is Bob in his Halloween Costume. He is a Mad Scientist. His costume matched the costume of his master-- Ethan! 

For Halloween I had my students give their grass heads some Halloween costumes. I couldn't believe the original things they came up with using just a few scraps of ribbon, some fabric and supplies from home. 

Taysom Hill (the BYU Cougar) Grass Head

The Little Red Devil wears Prada Grass Head

The Cute Clown Grass Head

Frankenstein the Grass Head Monster!

Try this project with your kids. You will be amazed at how much fun they will have cutting their Grass (i.e. Hair) and giving their friend lots of costumes and outfits for the season! 

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