Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sunday Sam

By Deborah Rowley

This is an original story that I wrote to help kids learn how to keep the Sabbath Day holy. Each faith tradition has its own rules about Sabbath Day worship. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). This means that we try not to shop on Sunday or do a lot of work around the house. It is a day for church and family and rest. Gotta love that rule! Feel free to adapt this story according to your faith tradition and change the copy of the Book of Mormon to the Bible if that is appropriate for you. I know my church nursery kids will love putting Sam the mouse in his little pocket! And they will love hiding him under different objects in the story. They will also love all the mischievous things this little mouse does to help his human family honor God's day.

Note: This story appears in my book Before They Turn Twelve. You can find the full color and black and white illustrations below.
Here is the story: My name is Sam, but everyone calls me Sunday Sam because ever since I was really little, I have love doing what is right on Sunday.

Mom says that I keep the Sabbath Day holy. But the human people we live with don't. they do go to church on Sunday morning. I usually hitch a ride with Steve. (Put mouse in pocket).

But when they get home, Steve and the rest of the family act like it is  regular day. Once Steve and his brother began to wrestle and fight on the kitchen floor. I stood on Steve's head and shouted, "It is Jesus' special day and he can hear you fighting," but no one even heard me.  (Take mouse out of pocket.)

One Sunday, Steve started to play basketball until I ended the game early. (Show the flattened basketball with a bite out of it.)
Another Sunday, Steve's mom started to do the laundry, so I hid in the dirty clothes. That ended that activity for a while. (Place the sock over Sam.)

One Sunday, Steve's dad wanted to work in the garden, but I got to the garden first and buried the tools. (Put the spade behind Sam.) 

Once Steve's brother was watching a bad show on T.V., until I stopped him.
(Show the cord that has been bitten in half.) 

Almost every Sunday, the family goes to the store or out to eat, but I know how to keep them from buying anything. You can't get very far without money. (Put the dollar bill behind Sam's back.) 

I even figured out a way to keep the family from going boating on Sundays. (Put the key behind Sam's back. I guess I forgot to take a picture of the key.) 
If only I could help them see how much happier they would be if they did the things Jesus wants them to do. On Sundays I like to read aboutthe mice in the Bible. (Put up Noah's ark.)
          I like to feast on the words in the Book of Mormon. (Show nibbled Book of Mormon.)
     I like to take cookie crumbs to the widow mouse in the house next door. (Put up the cookies.)
                                    I like to sing my favorite songs. (Put up musical words.)

I love to think about Jesus. If Steve would just keep the Sabbath Day holy, I could stay in his pocket all day and I would call him Sunday Steve. 
(Put the mouse in the pocket.) 

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