Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gratitude Games to Play With Kids-- Help your child be more thankful today!

By Deborah Rowley

The QR Code Activity that I posted yesterday is a fun way to get your kids thinking about what they are grateful for. See that post here. Here are some other fun gratitude games that you can play to help your child be more thankful. You can play these games on Thanksgiving or any other time of year.

*Note: These ideas came from my book: Before They Turn Twelve.

 Alphabet Gratitude

Write the 26 letters of the alphabet onto a sheet of paper and cut them out. Place all the letters in a bowl, and have a family member draw out a letter. Give the family members one minute to write down-- individually or in teams-- all the things they are grateful for that begin with that letter. Award one point for each item listed. Choose another letter and play again. Draw as many letters out of the bowl as you want. To increase the challenge, award a point only for the blessings that no one else in the family has written down.

The Thanking Chair

Designate one chair at the dinner table as the Thanking Chair. Whoever is sitting in that chair tells five things that he or she is grateful for. Take turns sitting in the Thanking Chair. For added fun, use a silly hat as the Thanking Cap, and place it on the person who shares his or her five grateful things for the night.

Count Your Blessings Candy

Serve a variety of small candies and call them "Count Your Blessings" candy. Family members must name a blessing for each piece of candy they eat.

A Pebble in the Shoe

Give each family member a small pebble to put in one of their shoes and a piece of candy to eat. Have them walk around the living room, eating the candy and feeling the pebble. Ask them which experience they noticed more. Would the candy have been more enjoyable to eat without the pebble as a distraction? Explain that when we are ungrateful and complain, it is like we have a pebble in our shoe. We don't fully experience the sweet blessings that God has given us, and we don't notice them as easily.

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