Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Toddler Activities: Build a Face

By Tiffany Rudd
Anniston is 18 months old now! This is one of my favorite ages because it seems like she learns 100 new things every day. It is so much fun to teach her new concepts and watch how quickly she picks up new skills.

One of Anniston's cutest new skills is naming and pointing out her body parts. She knows the basics like eyes, nose and ears. But the kids have also taught her to lift up her shirt for a tickle when asked where her tummy is and squish her cute chubby face when asked where her cheeks are.

This activity was one I designed for her to practice her new body part knowledge. All I did was print the girl face and features on cardstock, add a little color, and cut out each of the parts. I also put the complete face in a plastic page protector so it would be reusable.
Then we worked together to stick all of the features where they belong. Since Anniston is still a little young I just had her match the parts to the completed face, but for an older child you can use the blank face. She then had a blast pointing to each feature on her and on the face we created.
You can click on the pictures/descriptions below to print your own girl or boy face and features to use with your toddler. Credit for drawing these cute faces goes to Deborah. Thank goodness one of us has some artistic talent! :)

 Anniston kissing her new friend! :)

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