Thursday, August 2, 2012

Elementary Activities: Coloring the Flags of the World (Olympics Week)

By: Deborah Pace Rowley
Once you have found the countries on the map, it is fun to color their different flags. I love to watch  the American flag being raised during an Olympic medal ceremony, but it is also fun to watch the reactions of all the athletes who win gold medals. Point out to your children that all the athletes have special feelings about their flags and often cry when they see that flag being raised and hear their own national anthem is played. Print out a few or all of the flags below. Each flag comes with its own coloring key. Most of the flags were found at this terrific website: 

The Russian and Korean Flags came from the Activity Village.
Colorable Flags of Each Country: 
*The Russian Flag doesn’t have a key but their flag is white on top, followed by blue in the middle and then red on the bottom. It is strange not to see the Communist hammer and sickle from my childhood memories. 
*The South Korean Flag doesn’t have a key either but the Yin and Yang symbol in the middle is red on top and blue on the bottom. Then the bars around it are all black and the flag background is white. 
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  1. The Ukrainian flag is one of the easiest. Horizontal half blue/half yellow. Blue on top, yellow on the bottom.


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