Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Teen Activities: When to Introduce Make-Up

By Deborah Pace Rowley

When do you let your daughter wear make-up? This is a big concern for many moms I know. When is too soon? When is too late? We don't want to let her grow up too fast but we also don't want to be the old-fashioned and mean mother on the block. I certainly don't have the perfect answer to this question. I will have to leave it up to you to figure that out on your own. I can share one thing that we did with one of my daughters that turned out really fun. 
The rule in our family is that girls can wear make-up as soon as they turn 14. (A light lip gloss is okay before that.) On my daughters' 14th birthday we planned a fun "spa" night for her and all of her friends. Before the party started, I had decorated a cake with an outline of a girl's face. Then I provided lots of tubes of frosting and decorating gel so the girls could finish the cake by applying "make-up" to our beauty queen.
After the cake was complete, the birthday girl and her friends sat down with Aunt Tiff who was a Mary Kay consultant at the time. She had them wash their faces and taught them how to care for their skin. She then taught them how to apply a subtle, fresh and light layer of make-up that would bring out the natural beauty in each girl. After the make-up class, the girls painted each other's nails and experimented with each other's hair. When the party ended I sent each girl home with her own make-up bag filled with samples of the products they had tried. *I had approved this with all the girl's moms beforehand.

The party was fun and the instruction was great. I never had to complain that this daughter looked like a  clown when she came out of the bathroom in the morning. Now that my girls are almost grown up, it seems like I am always going to them to borrow products and learn techniques to help me look my best! Good luck in navigating this fun and exciting time in your daughter's life.

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