Thursday, August 9, 2012

Elementary Activities: 3-D Art

By: Tiffany & Cameron Rudd

Yesterday I shared with you the story of the construction paper craft I had planned the other day. I gathered supplies, called my two oldest to the table, and then was pulled away by the baby...and my toddler...and the phone ringing...

Luckily, my fantastic kids are independent and creative and came up with their own projects while I was away! Brooklyn turned her paper into jewelry (no surprise from my girly-girl). Check out her finished project HERE.

Cameron turned his paper strips into a 3D drawing of our house and pond. Super cool.
Here are the instructions in his own words...

STEP ONE: Decide what picture you want to make.

STEP TWO: Rip, glue, tape and staple the paper where you want it.

STEP THREE: It is even cooler if you can make the paper stick out and feel bumpy or curly.

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