Friday, December 27, 2013

Theater Room Reveal

We finished our downstairs family room into a home theater for the kids for Christmas. We are huge super hero fans so coming up with the theme was easy.

We locked the kids out of the room on Christmas Eve with a sign that said: "Elves Workshop." And we put the whole thing together in one day. I had someone build the IKEA furniture ahead of time and my husband had worked on the projector box and screen in his brother's shop. But assembly was completed in about 8 hours including the painted mural.

Here is the screen. My husband built it himself with black out fabric available by the yard at Hobby Lobby. He used wood trim from Home Depot to make the frame. We bought the fabric at Walmart.

Here is the projector box.

Here is the giant love sac from Amazon. It was so funny because it came in a smallish size box. My husband said, "I thought you ordered a big love sac." I said, "I thought I did too!" But then when we opened the box, it expanded and kept expanding for two more days!

Movie Posters from All Posters. com.

Large Superman action figure from Walmart. Game shelf from IKEA.

Desks and DVD shelf from IKEA. Foosball table from Sears (At least I think so. We have had this for a few years.)

Batman wall decal from Amazon. Batman signal light from Pottery Barn Kids.
I painted the wall mural by hand copying a picture from the Pottery Barn Kids website. (see the page where they sell the Batman signal light.)

Mirror from Osmond Designs. "You are a Hero" vinyl sign made with my daughter's silhouette.

CaptainAmerica Stand-Up from Amazon. Blanket chest from Grandma Gee Gee.

We love the finished project and since it is a frigid winter wonderland outside, the theater is getting a lot of use! Happy Holidays everyone.

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