Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Elf on the Shelf QR Code Treasure Hunt

Here is fun Elf on the Shelf Treasure Hunt! 
Keep this ready for that miracle day when your child has survived shopping or a Christmas party or any form of holiday craziness without a meltdown! Then whip out this introduction QR Code.

When it is scanned, it will take your child to this picture to reinforce his or her great behavior and start the fun.
It says:
I'm you elf on the shelf
And I'm happy to say
You've been extra darn good
This whole long crazy day!
To reward your behavior
I'm leading the way
To a Christmas Surprise
That comes early....

Next hand off this first QR Code clue.

Put the one below in your child's Christmas stocking.


 Put the one below under the tree on a low hanging ornament or on a Christmas train.

Put the one below near a Nativity Scene. 

Put this one on a Christmas wreath.

Put the one below near some shining Christmas lights. 

Put the one below in the Bible in the Chapter of Luke. 

Put the one below with a small treat under your child's pillow! 

I have included just the free QR Codes for easy and cheap black and white printing.

Elf on the Shelf Treasure Hunt QR Codes

Or if you want to use it as a treasure hunt without the QR Codes, the Elf on the Shelf pictures are included here:

Treasure Hunt Pictures w/out QR Codes

Have fun! Wishing you many days of great Santa-better-be-watching behavior from your kids! Pin It

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