Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years QR Code Challenge

Here is a fun QR Code Challenge you can do with your kids on New Year Eve or on New Years Day or anytime in January. I have listed twelve challenges below. Feel free to pick and choose the challenges that you want to use. You don't need to complete every single one. Just pick the ones you want your kids to complete.

If you do this on New Years Eve you can put each of the QR Codes in an envelope and write the time on each one. For example: If you want your family to complete all 12, you could do one every twenty minutes and that would take 4 hours! Perfect for filling a long New Year's night. Or you could do fewer challenges and space them out every 30 minutes to an hour. It is completely up to you.

Another fun way to play is to give the kids 7 or 8 challenges on New Year's Day and tell them that you will give them a reward if they have completed them all by dinner time. This is a fun way to keep the kids busy while Dad catches his football games.

You could also complete 4 or 5 for your first family night in January. The challenges that have you write goals and reflect on the previous year are perfect for a family to complete together. However you use these challenges, I hope you will have a wonderful New Year! Thanks for reading!

Challenge #1
Write down 5 cool things that happened to you in 2013

Challenge #2
Turn on your favorite song and do a happy new year’s dance on top of the table or on top of the couch or on top of your parent’s bed. (Get their permission first)

Challenge #3 
Write about your favorite day in 2013.

Challenge #4
Make a silly New Year’s hat to wear. 

Challenge #5
Make predictions about 10 things you think will happen in 2014. 

Challenge #6

Go outside and make a wish for each family member on a New Years Eve Star. If you can’t see any stars, pretend that you can and make your wishes anyway. 

Challenge #7
The New Year’s Eve Ball drop is a big tradition in Times Square. Have your own new Years Eve ball drop by throwing a ball down the stairs. Have someone catch it and throw it back up to you. Repeat. 

Challenge #8
Make a confetti cannon. Cut pieces of paper into small pieces and put the pieces in a paper bag. Blow up the paper bag by blowing air into it and holding the top closed with one hand. Shout Happy New Year and pop the bag by hitting it with your other hand. Watch confetti fly everywhere. Be excited then clean it up.

Challenge #9
Write down 5 things you want to accomplish in 2014

Challenge #10
Make a noise maker by getting some waxed paper and a comb. Put the waxed paper over the comb and then blow with your mouth. Experiment until you can get the loudest sound. 

Challenge #11
Light a candle and make a New Year’s Eve wish for the whole world. Then blow the candle out. 

Challenge #12
Go outside and bang pots and pans and shout Happy New Year!

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