Friday, March 22, 2013

Elementary Activities: Easter QR Code Treasure Hunt

By Deborah Pace Rowley

We had such a great response to our Leprechaun QR code treasure hunt for St. Patrick's Day that I knew that I needed to do one for Easter. This treasure hunt is based on my book The Easter Walk.

In the story, a grandfather takes two of his grandchildren on a treasure hunt for the real meaning of Easter. He gives them 6 clues of things they need to find in nature that relate to the Easter story.

Here is a beautiful illustration from the story where Grandpa asks them to find something made of wood. This is to represent the cross that Jesus carried. Tyler and Amy find a birdhouse made of wood to show Grandpa. The gorgeous illustrations were drawn by the talented artist Dan Burr. He has illustrated several of my books and I absolutely LOVE his work.

I have taken the idea in this picture book and adapted it to QR codes. Each of the six clue QR codes lead to a picture like the one below that tells your children what they should run and find.

I thought it would be fun to put the QR codes in eggs so that the kids would have to open each egg to retrieve the QR code.

Once they have scanned the QR code with a smart phone or tablet, they can run outside to retrieve the item. (*Note:  If you don't have a QR code reader on your smart phone, it is easy to download a free app that can read QR codes. I use Qrafter Pro but there are lots of good choices out there.) 

After they have found the item on the clue, the next QR code they would scan is the reward that goes with that clue. For Clue #1 the Reward QR code leads to this picture of the crown of thorns and a scripture that tells this part of the Easter story from the Bible. 

Here Anniston is holding the QR code for Clue #6.

It leads to this picture that tells her to find something alive. 

Then Reward Code #6 leads to this beautiful picture of the Resurrected Savior appearing to Mary Magdalene outside the open tomb. 

I hope that this treasure hunt will provide a unique way for you to tell the Easter Story to your children and share your faith in Jesus Christ. I have included all the QR codes below. 

Easter QR Code Treasure Hunt

The document below includes just the Treasure Hunt Clues without QR codes if you want to take an Easter Walk without a smart phone.

Easter Treasure Hunt Clues without QR Codes

Also, if you would like to order my book Easter Walk you can do that here.
Here's wishing you a meaningful, simple and peaceful Easter. Pin It

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