Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Toddler Activities: Rainbow Bubble Blow {Bubble Week!}

By Deborah Pace Rowley & Tiffany Rudd
If we're being honest, this activity started out being a slight fail on our part. We'd heard that you could add food coloring to a big pile of bubbles and the color would stay creating a fun rainbow effect. Not so much. :) This apparently only works with tiny bubbles which aren't created when you blow into bubble water through a straw. No worries though, the kids still loved this activity! The little ones were thrilled with the huge piles of bubbles they could create and play with and the older kids even created some games of their own. Plus, you can see a rainbow in the surface of every bubble! 

All you need for this activity is a high-sided tin or tray of some kind, bubble solution, and a straw. Just put a layer of bubble solution in the bottom of the tray and let your little one get blowing!

Tip: If you cut a tiny slit toward the bottom of the straw your child will still be able to blow through it, but it will be harder to suck anything up. This helps avoid a nasty mouthful of soap!
Note: For this activity we just mixed dawn and water, no glycerin or corn syrup needed.

Adaptations for older kids:
Bubble Race! Time the bubble blowers and see who can create the biggest pile of bubbles first.

Team Bubble Blow! These three cute girls pushed all their trays together and created a seriously huge pile of bubbles to play in. 

Click HERE to print the bubble solution recipe.

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