Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Toddler Activities: Outdoor Color Hunt

By Tiffany Rudd

Now that summer is here, the kids are outside as often as they possibly can be. Even I love it when our learning activities are combined with time enjoying the beautiful weather. So, grab your toddler and head outside for this easy and fun color matching activity!
Step 1: Color the bottom of each section of an empty egg carton a different color. Or if, like me, your carton doesn't take coloring very well just cut circles out of construction paper and place them in the bottom of each section. One color I definitely recommend including is gray. I've found it to be the trickiest for preschool children to remember because it isn't one we talk about or point out to them often.

Step 2: Get outside with your child and help him/her find items of each color! Our collection included grass, a flower, a leaf, a rock, and even a candy wrapper. This is a great activity for children who are just beginning to learn colors because all it takes is matching the item to the color in the bottom. Just make sure you are also telling him/her the names of the colors you find.
Step 3: Dump the carton out or keep your findings in a baggie and then get searching again! Brooklyn did this activity over and over again.

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  1. This is an ideal outdoor activities for the kids. They will not just enjoy this activities they will also learn. I will refer this to my friend who is a toddler teacher. Thank you.


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