Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Preschool Activities: Bubble Wand Testing {Bubble Week!}

By Deborah Rowley & Tiffany Rudd

Have you ever wondered if you could blow bubbles through a comb, a pair of scissors, or an old dvd? Now you can find out! :)
This simple bubble activity is not only fun, it will get your child predicting outcomes and testing his/her hypothesis (guess). Great skills for any future scientist.
All you need to do is print the bubble wand testing page below and gather some household items. My list includes: fork, spatula, whisk, comb, slotted spoon, spaghetti spoon, apple slicer, cheese grater, scissors, spoon, hair brush, hair elastic, paper clip, old dvd, potato masher, and a cookie cutter. I've included both this one filled out with all the household items we tested and a blank one if you'd like to choose items of your own.
You'll need to help you child with predicting and filling out the record sheet. Have your child predict or guess if a certain item will work and mark yes or no. Then let him/her test it out and mark the correct answer. This is a great activity for some higher-level thinking too. Ask your child to look at the items that worked and the items that didn't work and explain to you what they think makes a good bubble blower.  
Oh, and don't forget your bubble solution. Here is the awesome recipe we use. For this activity you can skip the glycerin or corn syrup. Just water and dish soap will work fine.

Click HERE to print the bubble wand testing page!
Click HERE to print the bubble solution recipe!

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