Thursday, June 21, 2012

Elementary Activities: Foamerators {Bubble Week!}

By Deborah Pace Rowley & Tiffany Rudd

One of the favorite activities at our Friday Fun Open House was a simple contraption called a foamerator. What a cool name, right? FOAMERATOR. It's fun to use, and fun to say. :) You probably have the supplies around the house right now, so definitely give this one a try!
Supplies You Need:

  • Water Bottle - We've found that it needs to be a slightly more expensive bottle. The super thin ones that usually come in big cases aren't sturdy enough to hold up to the rubber band. These Propel bottles worked great, so did Aquafina brand. 
  • Wash cloth or a piece of an old towel big enough to fit over the bottom of the water bottle.
  • Rubber band

Instructions for making a Foamerator:

  1. Cut the bottom off the water bottle with a good pair of scissors. It doesn't really matter how close to the bottom you cut it.
  2. Cover the hole at the bottom with your wash cloth or towel.
  3. Wrap the rubber band around the wash cloth to hold it in place. It needs to be tight enough that the towel won't fall off and air won't get through the sides. 

Now just dip the wash cloth into bubble solution (see our recipe below) and blow through the opening at the top. I wish this picture was a better one, you won't believe the huge foam snakes these make. As an added bonus, the fine bubble foam sticks around and is super fun to play with!
Click on the recipe below for a printable version.

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