Saturday, April 26, 2014

Letter of the Week {Zz}

This is our final post in our letter of the week series. You can find our posts for the other letters of the alphabet here.  Remember that you do not need to do everything. Just pick and choose one or two activities to introduce the Letter Z to your child.

Books for the Letter Z

Snack Ideas

Little Debbie Zebra Cakes

Zoo Mix

Or for a healthier option- Zucchini Muffins

I love this idea from the Munchie Mom to make a little zoo on your child's plate with pretzels and animal crackers. The Zoo letters are cut out of bread using alphabet letter cookie cutters. 


 Zebra Craft- Cut out the White Letter and then let the kiddos glue on the black stripes. 

Here is a great idea from the Measured Mom for making a Zero Picture. Just use a milk jug lid or other round object for a creating a picture of zeroes. 

Making the Letter Z with pipe cleaners. 


The Measured Mom has created a super fun Zoo sensory play bin using popsicle sticks fences, beans and rice and plastic animals. Kids can use the large bin for building their own zoo and designing different habitats for each animal.

I love this idea from Strong Start Preschool. Using the book Good Night, Gorilla create some matching cages from shoe boxes to hold small stuffed animals or plastic animal figurines. Then kids can match the color of the key with the color of the cage to free the animals. I love this funny story about a gorilla who sneaks the keys from the zoo keeper and releases all the animals who follow him home at the end of the day and pile into his bedroom to spend the night! Find all the details here.

I love this idea from Pinterest for the Zig Zag Race Track. Line up some match box cars and have the kids race down the zig zag track drawn on butcher paper to the finish. This is great for fine motor skills and is super fun in the process.

Games and Songs
Check out these fun ideas from How to Run a Home Day Care.

I love this Zoom song. You could even make some toilet paper roll rockets to go with the song as you do the actions.

Here are some cute ones from No Time for Flash Cards

I also love the Z adaption for the Hokey Pokey! I love when you can get littles ones to move as they learn. Find the instructions for the song at the link above for How to Run a Home Daycare. I love that the kids hop on all the corners of the Z as they sing the song.

I also love putting three kids together to spell the letter Z with their bodies.

Find your Letter Z Printables at the Links Below:

Tracing Pages

Alphabet Flash Cards

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