Thursday, April 24, 2014

Insta-Worms- Instant Science Fun

Today in class we made Insta-Worms. I love this project from Steve Spangler Science. You squeeze the magic worm goo into the worm activator liquid and immediately you have slimy, gooey, oozy worms that are so much fun to touch and to play with.

You can dye them lots of different colors with simple food coloring. You can learn all about the chemistry involved with cross-linking and polymers. But mostly you can have fun! This would make a great start for a science fair project. We had contests to see who could make the longest worm and who could make the fattest worm. We made worm webs and worm eggs. You can dry them out and then rehydrate them. It was a ball.

They would also make a great cub scout activity or project for activity day girls. They would make the perfect addition to a science themed birthday party. They always work out-- no wondering if your science experiment will flop. And they are always a huge hit!

Spring is in the air and worms are out to play.
Order some today.

Insta Worms Kit

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  1. Wow! Look at those colors. My favorite is breaking them in two and then sealing them back up again. A huge thanks for highlighting our Insta-Worms. I'd love to have you try some Vampire Worms in your class this fall. Email me and I will get them shipped out.


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