Sunday, April 20, 2014

Grace and Motherhood

By Deborah Rowley

We hunt for Easter Eggs as a family on Saturday afternoon. Yesterday, everyone gathered at Grandma's house to play with the baby bunnies, eat, and hunt for Easter Eggs in the backyard. Afterwards, the adults were lingering at the table to visit.

My sister asked one of our sister-in-laws if she had always been such a graceful and natural mother. Heather smiled and laughed. "Oh no," she said. "I really struggle as a mother." I have known Heather for twenty years and I think she is an amazing mother. Her three children are delightful. Her oldest son is 18, then she has a son that is 16 and a daughter that is 14. They are polite. They are kind. They are obedient and have such good hearts. They are a joy to be around. I love it when my children can spend time with her children.

Then Heather continued her confession. "I think the reason my children are turning out so well is because of the enabling grace of Jesus Christ. Every day I get on my knees and plead, 'I cannot do this. I can't be the type of mother that they deserve. Please send your grace to make up for my weakness, to compensate for the areas where I continually fall short. Please help me.' My prayers are answered. My children are a miracle to me."


Nowhere in my life do I feel the need for the grace of Christ more than as a mother. These children are His and He loves them. He will help us raise them even though we know full well that we could never do it without Him.

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