Thursday, September 12, 2013

Update on the Brick Oven

Here are some photos of the progress we are making on our backyard brick oven.

 Here the kids are helping to build the dome out of sand.

This sand will be covered with Saran Wrap and then coated with a 3-inch layer of clay. The sand is like a mold or form to help the clay hold its shape.
When the clay dome is partially dry, the sand will be scooped out and then the clay can be dried completely.
 Here the kids are mixing the clay and water with their feet.
 They had so much fun!
And when Dad decided that the clay needed just a little bit more water he just sprayed the kids and the clay down with the hose.
 Here is my husband patching the cracks in the drying clay dome.
He didn't even hear us laughing and taking pictures of him!

We plan to light a fire in the dome this weekend. After 24-hours the clay will be fire-hardened and fully dry. We just might be cooking pizzas in this baby by next weekend! Pin It

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