Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Super Hero Family Photo

My daughter was bemoaning the fact that none of our family photos actually captured who we were as a family. In a recent family photo shoot, we looked stiff and formal and in some of the photos it didn't even look like like we were happy or that we liked each other.

What is it about family photos that brings out the grouchy in everyone?

So she decided that we needed to have some fun and do a theme photo. Each of us dressed up according to our favorite super hero. 

We took some liberty with the term "super hero" since one daughter came in Harry Potter attire and another daughter came in her Dr. Who apparel. We ended up having so much fun! 

Even though one daughter's face is covered by her Batman mask, I love these pictures. I love the fun backgrounds and embellishments that my artistic daughter has added. I think they capture us as a family. Can tell that we love movies and that we laugh a lot? We can be goofy when we are together and I am so glad that these photos reflect that. 

What kind of fun photo shoot would capture your family? 

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