Friday, August 2, 2013

The Hogwarts Letter Arrives!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Katie! She has been waiting for years for her Hogwarts Letter to arrive. This morning she turned eleven and the anticipated letter appeared in spectacular fashion. (Thanks to her super creative siblings!)

We left to go to a water park this morning and as we were standing on the front porch, Hedwig descended magnificently with her first letter. It had an official looking Hogwarts seal and everything.

(Note: The seal was made with some melted red crayon and an H letter stamp. Once the melted crayon had hardened, we adhered it to the envelope with a glue dot.) 

The letter was addressed to Miss Kathryn Rowley in the Barn in the Basement. This is because she does sleep in a barn bed that her Dad made for her. Not because we don't love her or treat her poorly!

Here is what the letter looked like. It also came with a list of all her Hogwarts supplies.
Here is another picture of Hedwig arriving.

Her brother just happened to be on the roof at the same time that Hedwig descended so he had a spectacular view.

When we arrived home from the water park our house was filled with even more letters. Even one sticking out of the fireplace!

She has continued to find letters all the rest of the day. Apparently the Hogwarts staff was concerned that her parents would rip up the official Hogwarts letter before she could read it so they sent lots of extras!

Now if we can just wait until tomorrow for her Harry Potter birthday party. Stay tuned for more posts about the crazy festivities.

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  1. It's so adorable ... is she crying in one of those shots? I almost am! :) I just love to see a great kid feeling so special!


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