Thursday, August 22, 2013

Harry Potter Party: Divination

This is the 7th in a series of posts about our Harry Potter Birthday Party. You can read our other posts at the links below:

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After we had created and tried our potions, the party guests were led downstairs to Professor Trelawney's Divination Tent.

The tent was absolutely magical and so simple to make. We simply set up an outdoor shade awning that people use on the beach or at their campgrounds in our family room in the basement. Then we draped the sides of the tent with lace table cloths and purple plastic table cloths that we bought at a dollar store.

(I took these photos without the purple table cloths so that I could show inside the tent a little easier.)

Inside the tent we put a rocking chair for Madame Trelawny and a small side table for her tea cup. We also had a reflecting ball that would normally go outside in a garden doing double duty as her crystal ball for seeing the future.

We lit the tent with the decorative lights that my daughters usually have around their beds. The final touch was the lava lamp stolen from another teenagers room.

On the floor we put lots of pillows for the guests to sit on. In the corner are some peacock feathers that my daughter inherited from her great aunt Kathryn.

Professor Trelawney welcomed each guest into the tent. My daughter's college roommate Geri made a perfect Madame Trelawney. She used some funny Einstein glasses from our dress up trunk to complete her ditzy, spaced out look.

She had each guest try to decipher the symbols in her brewed tea leaves. I love to look at the kids' faces as she made predictions and then spoke cosmic words of wisdom to each of them.

Look at Katie in the picture below! Professor Trelawney must have just prophesied about her imminent and beautifully tragic death!

Just before our Divination class ended, Professor Trelawney made a supremely important prophesy.
She told the kids in her most intense and dreamy voice, "The words Lemon Drops will be important in your future. Yes, remember the words Lemon Drops!" Little did the guests know, but Madame Trelawney was once again right! The words Lemon Drops were important in our next activity which was the Mystery of the Missing Golden Snitch.

I will blog about that soon. I predict you will check back at this blog in a few days and find just the post that you are looking for. I hope my prophesy comes true!
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