Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Campfire Food-- Wolf-Ems!

We have discovered the perfect campfire cooking method! No, it doesn't involve sticking your face in a mountain of whipped cream, although that works too.

At all started when I read a newspaper article about Wolf-Ems in our local paper.

This awesome contraption was invented by two local teenage boys who had done a lot of camping and eaten a lot of campfire food. I could relate. This summer we have been to girl's camp, headed up the canyon with friends 4 or 5 times and packed my son off to scout camp. I was definitely on the lookout for some new ways to cook over the campfire. Alright, I was sick of s'mores and tinfoil dinners (my go-to-campfire foods) plus I knew I needed to support these cute Boy Scouts!

I bought our own Wolf-Em sticks before my son and my husband went on their fathers and sons outing this past weekend. I was excited to learn on Saturday afternoon when the boys came home dirty and smelling like smoke that the Wolf-Ems had been a huge hit! You can order your own Wolf-Em Sticks online here.

Wolf-Em Sticks
They are only $10 a piece. I bought 6 to have enough for our family.

All you need to do is coat the end of the stick with non-stick cooking spray and wrap refrigerated biscuit dough around the wood.

Turn the stick with the cool turning system they have patented and soon you will have toasted your dough cup perfectly.

Then pull it off the stick and fill it with anything your heart desires!

So far we have experimented with pie filling, pudding, Nutella and whipped cream. Peach pie filling topped with whipped cream was by far the favorite with the boys.

Tonight we built a fire in our back yard and made Wolf-Ems for the girls and I to try. We are hooked!
(Apple Pie Filling was my favorite!)

I am looking forward to trying chili and cheese as well as bacon and eggs on our next trip to the mountains. I love foods that can be both the main course and the dessert! Get some of these sticks for your family. I guarantee they will Wolf Em Up!

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  1. We met those Boy Scouts and they are friends of my daughter, Princess. We have those sticks too! They are so fun!


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