Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Update: Moving Out and Memories

By: Deborah Pace Rowley

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days. We have been crazy busy around here. On Saturday Tiff moved to her new house. Since then we have both been scrambling to get our mother-in-law quarters as well as the yard ready for our parents to return. As excited as my kids are to have Grandma and Grandpa back living next door, we are all in mourning the fact that Tiff and Adam and their kids are gone.

How we will miss those adorable kids! Just one favorite memory that I have to share. When Brooklyn moved in two years ago she was 3 years old. Like other three-year-old little girls, she was way into Disney Princesses. She was often seen traipsing through our house wearing one Disney Princess ball gown or another. Whenever my husband Lin would get home, he would invariably greet Brooklyn with the phrase, "Hello Princess!" If she was not dressed up she would respond, "I not a princess, I Brooklyn."

One day, Lin walked in and said to Brooklyn, "Hello Sweetheart!" Brooklyn automatically responded, "I not a sweetheart." Then she thought about it for a moment, "Oh yes I is!"

All of my nieces and nephews are such sweethearts and it has been such a pleasure to share a few years of their precious lives. Even though they have moved just an hour away, it just isn't going to be the same around here.

Oh, we will keep blogging and get together regularly for massive photo shoots. But I am already looking forward to getting some grandkids of my own!

In the meantime, we promise to make this week up to you! Come back tomorrow for a Last Day of School QR Code Scavenger Hunt. And then we will launch our Summer Kick-Off Series.
Should be lots of fun!
 These pictures are of Brooklyn being a model at our photo shoot last summer!

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