Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Preschool Activities: Race Car Rainbows

By Tiffany Rudd
I was just working on my Letter of the Week {Rr} post and decided this art project needed a post of it's own. It's such a simple and fun project, it's not too messy, and I bet you have all the supplies on hand!

Race Car Rainbows

Washable Paint {red,orange, yellow, green, blue, & purple}
6 Toy Cars {preferably all with different sized/textured tires}
6 Paper or Plastic Plates
White Paper {thicker and bigger is better}

How To:
I just used little, washable, plastic plates and put a small amount of paint and a car on each one. Have your child drive the car through the paint until the wheels are completely covered and then drive the car in the rainbow shape on the white paper. We started with red and then worked our way in. I helped each of my students with the first color, just so it would be as big as possible, but after that I let them do the painting on their own. Each car should be raced through the paint and then just inside the last color on the rainbow. The different wheels make fun variations in the pattern and the kids get excited to see what kind of painting each of the cars will do. We just used regular sized construction paper this time, but in the past I've used the larger size and it worked a little better. You can tell the kids had a hard time fitting in the last few colors, but they didn't mind. :)
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