Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elementary Activities: Last Day of School QR Code Challenge

By: Deborah Pace Rowley

I just finished my last day of school! Yipee! You think kids are excited, you should see teachers! If your child finishes up this week or has another few weeks to go, here is a fun activity you can do on the last day of school.

I have planned this as a QR Code Activity. When you pick up your child on the last day of school, give him/her your smart phone and some QR codes to scan. Each QR code contains a challenge. When the QR code reader scans the QR code it takes you to a URL with a last day of school challenge. I created ten different challenges in all, but you can give your child the QR codes for just 3 or 5 or 7 or whatever. Choose as many or as few of the challenges as you desire. Here are a few examples of the challenges:

**Note that some of the challenges need to be done while you are still at school or on the way home so be sure and give your child the QR codes as soon as he or she gets in the car. (Or if you won't be picking up your child on his/her last day, just choose challenges that can be done at home.)

All the challenges are listed below. Choose the ones that fit your child.

1. Run through the sprinklers at home.
2. Yell "I am Free!" out the car window on the way home from school.
3. Shake hands with the principal and thank him/her for another great year.
4. Ask your teacher, "Can I please come back to school every day in the summer?"
5. Jump on your school papers while you laugh a crazy laugh.
6. Draw your summer plans on the sidewalk with chalk.
7. Make some homemade lemonade.
8. Cut off some old jeans to make shorts.
9. Break a pencil over your knee with a karate yell.
10. Do some somersaults or cartwheels across your yard.

After your child has completed the chosen challenges, there are five more QR codes that list the possible rewards. You can choose which reward your child can receive. Below are a few sample rewards:

All the rewards are listed below.
1. Go get ice cream.
2. Go to the pool.
3. Make Cookies with Mom.
4. Play catch with Dad.
5. Stay up past your bedtime.

The great thing abut using the QR codes and a free QR code scanner on an smart phone or tablet is that they are in black and white and you don't need to use any colored ink to print them out. (*I use the app Qrafter Pro but there are lots of great QR code readers out there.)  Print out all 15 QR codes here then choose which ones you want your child to do.

If you don't have a smart phone or tablet, I have included access to all the challenge and reward pictures without QR codes here.

I hope you enjoy celebrating in a fun and unique way on your child's last day of school!

Note: All the great clip art that I used in creating this QR code challenge came from!

QR Codes for the Challenges and Rewards

Last Day of School Challenge/ Pictures Only

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