Friday, April 12, 2013

Elementary Activities: The Hogwarts Summer Fun Challenge

By Deborah Pace Rowley

We are excited to announce a super fun summer challenge we have created for our own kids and the readers of our blog. We are calling it the:

Hogwarts Summer Fun Challenge!

It is completely FREE to sign up for this 8 week learning and activity challenge that will keep your kids busy and having fun all summer long. The challenge will start on June 10th and will run for 8 weeks through August 10th, skipping the week of the fourth of July.

All the participants will be placed in a house when they sign up for the challenge. Then they will receive a weekly challenge chart each week of the competition. It will include two activities for each of their Hogwarts classes. For example: Potions will include two fun kitchen chemistry activities to choose from for that week. Quidditch will include two outdoor games to choose from etc!

Once you have complete these fun, inexpensive and easy activities for the week you will report your scores to the Challenge and they will be added to the scores of other students in your house. You will be able to see which house is in the lead and watch the scores add up!

Everyone who completes at least 1 activity per week from each of their Hogwarts classes will receive a special Hogwarts Summer School Certificate of Completion. They will also receive a box of official Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. 

In addition, the students with the highest totals for each of the four houses will receive a handmade wizard wand! All the gifts and prizes will be shipped to each competitor free of charge.

There is limited space in our Hogwarts Summer Fun Challenge. We know that you are going to want to participate in this super fun activity with your kids this summer. So stay tuned to the blog for sign up information next week! And tell your friends about this fun program that you could do together.

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