Friday, April 5, 2013

Elementary Activities: DIY Recycled Storage Cube

Guest Post by Katie Rowley

Hi! This is Katie. I am pleased to share with you this activity I did. I first got this idea when my dad brought home some dry ice in a styrofoam container. He is a nurse in the operating room.

(Note from Mom: If you don't know a nurse, you might have an old styrofoam cooler hanging out in the garage or you can buy one for about $5-$10 dollars at the store.)

I knew I wanted to make it into a storage cube where I could put all my jewelry but I didn't like the color so I asked my mom if I could paint it.

My bedroom is mostly pink so I chose pink. Just to warn you: Whatever color you choose it turns out much lighter than you think because the styrofoam absorbs all the paint.

Make sure you lay down some newspaper wherever you are painting. It gets a little messy! If you have an old t-shirt, wear that so your nice clothes don't get dirty.

Once you are done painting and the paint has dried, you can look around your house for some ribbon or other things you could use to decorate your cube.

I did bows and ribbons but your cube doesn't have to look exactly like mine. I love the way my cube looks in my room. It is perfect for all my jewelry so my room stays clean. Plus it is a great place to put my alarm clock and more stuff!

I think this storage cube would be perfect to store Polly Pockets or Littlest Pet Shop animals or toy cars or many other things.  I think that it is cool that I thought of this idea all by myself. And it cost zero dollars to make!

I hope you enjoy this project and it is useful to you. Pin It

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