Monday, February 11, 2013

Toddler Activities: Puppy Love- A Valentine's Tail

By Deborah Pace Rowley
We have shared stories for Thanksgiving (The Turkey with the Terrible Temper) and Christmas (Santa's Pack). Here is a fun, original story for Valentine's Day.

It is called "Puppy Love- AValentine's Tail." What makes this story so fun is that you can help your child create a picture of little puppy out of hearts as you tell the story.
Muffin the puppy is in love with a kitten named Cupid. But like most cats Cupid plays too cool for her Romeo. Muffin doesn't give up, however, as he delivers his hearts, Cupid secretly uses them to create a portrait of the puppy to reveal her true feelings in return.
You can use your own red and pink construction paper to create the hearts that you need for the story. Or you can use our free printable of the pieces here. You can make this story reusable by laminating the pieces and attaching magnets so you can put the puppy together on a magnet board. Or you can simply print out the pieces, cut them apart and help your child glue them to a piece of white paper as you tell the story.
Either way you will have lots of fun. Older toddlers can start to pick out the hearts that are the correct color and size as you tell the story. Even preschoolers will need help putting the hearts in the right place so you can have the finished product in front of them for them to copy or you can show them where each piece should go to keep the final image a surprise.  As you tell the story over and over again, your child will quickly learn just where to put each piece to create the picture of the puppy. Then they can be responsible to tell the story to Dad or to Grandma or Grandpa.

You will find the text of the story below.

Anniston with the real Muffin
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