Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Preschool Activities: Letter of the Week {Jj}

By Tiffany Rudd

Snack Ideas:
      * Jello Jigglers! I use cookie cutters so the kids can practice shapes and have fun with their food. They are always a hit!

Favorite Books:

      * Norma Jean Jumping Bean by Joanna Cole       * Jamberry by Bruce Degen
      * Jellyfish Craft - Preschoolers would love painting the jellyfish tops and adding the curled ribbon. Super cute.
      * Jeweled J - Brooklyn would go crazy over this craft! I found this idea on pinterest, but unfortunately the link was incorrect, so I'm not sure where it came from. All you'd need are some self stick jewels. Here is a set of 500 for only $8 on Oriental Trading. 
      * Jump Right Over the Color Stick - This is one of the activities my kids love to do with our color tubes (covered toilet paper rolls). You can find the full post here

      * Click on the photos below to print out your Jj Flash Card and Writing Practice Worksheet
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