Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Preschool Activities: Marker Fun

by Tiffany Rudd
As much as I wish I did, I definitely do not have a super laid-back and relaxed personality. (Please don’t tell my husband I just admitted to that!) I’m not a big fan of messes and sometimes I think my kids miss out due to my lack of “chill.” Obviously, my sister and I are exactly alike in this area. I blame our Dad. (Mom, don’t tell him I said that!) Did you read Deborah’s Parenting Tip last Friday called Planned Spontaneity? That post could have been written about me. I loved her ideas on fitting in fun and spontaneity. 
This activity is one of the ways I have found to allow some mess and not set off my “must clean now” uptight side. Thank goodness for WASHABLE Markers!
Step One: Strip your toddler down to just a diaper or underwear. This activity works best for children 18 months - 3 years. 
Step Two: Take a minute to pinch some thigh chub and appreciate just how adorable a naked baby really is.
Step Three: Put your child in a confined area. The bathtub or highchair work great. 
Step Four: Give him/her some WASHABLE markers. Did you check three times to make sure they each said washable? No? Just me then, huh? I told you I’m laid back.
Step Five: Let your child color anywhere! Yep, anywhere! Thank goodness for no clothes and an easy to clean area.
Step Six: Take pictures, smile, and then clean like a mad woman. Did I mention how grateful I am for washable markers?
This super easy, zero prep activity has been a favorite of each of my little ones. 
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