Friday, May 11, 2012

Parenting Tips: Memorize a Poem for Me for Mother’s Day

By: Deborah Pace Rowley
All three of “my” holidays fall within a few weeks of each other. My anniversary is April 27th. Mother’s Day is the second week of May, closely followed by my birthday on May 28th. To make matters worse, I am not an easy person to buy gifts for. I am sure this is frustrating for my husband and kids. Then I came across the perfect solution.

Last year, I asked each of my children and my husband to memorize a poem for me for Mother’s Day. I gave them several weeks to prepare. There was only one rule. The poem could be long or short, rhyming or free verse, but every person had to choose a poem on their own. When Mother’s Day came, I sat in a place of honor as each of my family members stood in front of me to recite their poems. I knew they had worked hard on the memorization. I had overheard whispered chanting behind closed doors for days. I knew they had thought about their gifts. They had given of their time and their hearts. They were learning and stretching their brains in the process. All the money in the world couldn’t have bought a more priceless gift.  

I was so touched by each selection. I heard a favorite passage of scripture, a tribute to mothers, a parable about the power of teachers, a Shakespeare love sonnet, an ode to chocolate, and even a funny Shel Silverstein piece. I loved thinking about why they had chosen the poems that they did. Throughout the recitation, I laughed and cried and cheered with delight. It became my favorite Mother’s Day of all time. I have already decided what gift I would like this year.  Poems, anyone? 
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