Thursday, May 3, 2012

Elementary Activities: Spelling Race

by Tiffany Rudd
You will need: Your child’s spelling list or site word list, 2 inch circles cut out of construction paper, a marker, and a timer.
Prep: On individual circles, write the letters needed to spell each word on your child’s list. Designate a starting line, then spread the circles around the floor in the playing area. 
How to Play: At “go,” start the timer and read a word from the list. Your child then runs around gathering the letters that spell that word. The catch: he/she can only pick up one letter at a time and has to return it the the starting line before finding the next one. Once the word has been spelled correctly, call out a new word. When all the words on the list have been spelled correctly, stop the timer. Return the circles to the floor and challenge your child to start again and beat his/her time! 
Variations: For younger kids, write an entire site word on each circle. To make the activity a little easier, use different colored circles for each word. 
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