Friday, November 2, 2012

Elementary Activities: Spelling Words Practice {With Out a Fight!}

By Tiffany Rudd
Somehow this sweet/happy 1st grader always turns into a stubborn/frustrating 1st grader when it comes time to study for his weekly spelling tests. :) As we got further into the year and the words on his test got harder it became even more of a struggle between us each night. So, I jumped online and started searching for some creative/fun ways for him to practice. Seriously, what did mom's do before the internet?

I found some great ideas that have made a big difference in our house, so I thought I'd share with you. Just incase you have a sweet/happy/stubborn/frustrating child like me!

      * Super Speller App ($2.99): This app for iphone or ipad is AWESOME!! You just enter the spelling words and a record yourself saying each (or, have your older elementary age child do this on his own). The app then creates practice games with the words and can give your child practice spelling tests. Well worth the $2.99.

      * This websites is similar to the app in that you just enter in your spelling list and it creates games and activities for practice. Most of the content on here is free.

      * I found tons of great ideas HERE and HERE. One of Cameron's favorites so far has been writing his words as "stairsteps" like this...

      * Not surprisingly, writing the words in shaving cream is always a huge hit.

      * We've also used THIS spelling race activity again this year, especially on days when I can tell he needs to get up and moving.
Hopefully you find some ideas here to help make spelling practice time happier at your house too. :)

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  1. Wow - these are just what I need for my 1st grader. Thanks so much for sharing!

    BTW, is that a little homework station in the first photo?! Did you make it? Do you have a post on it? I'd love to make one for my Sawyer, and if I post about it, I'd like to credit you with the inspiration. Email me about the link if you would. :) (binspiredmama at

    1. THANKS! Here is the link for the homework station. :)


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