Monday, July 2, 2012

Meal-Time Activities: Movie Quotes

By Deborah Pace Rowley
Did you see the second Avengers scene after the final credits that showed the banged up super heroes sitting down for a meal together? You can have your own super heroes participate in a “movie mealtime” with this fun activity. All you need to do is put a bowl of toothpicks in the middle of the table. One person begins by quoting a line from a movie. The first person to guess the movie gets the next turn. They share a quote and the game continues. If no one can guess the movie with one quoted line, that person takes a toothpick and gives a second quote from the same movie. They continue to take toothpicks and quote lines until the movie is guessed. The goal is to acquire as many toothpicks as possible by choosing an old movie or unrecognizable quotes. 

There are only a few rules:
  • The movie must be something everyone in the family has seen.
  • The quote does not have to be word for word but as close as possible. Mom and Dad’s memories are only so good! The quote cannot be paraphrased or purposefully altered to make it more difficult to guess.
  • The quote must be more than three words.   

If you have lots of movie-buffs in your family, try this at your next dinner. Your loved ones will thank you because “true love is the greatest thing in the world except for a delicious MLT sandwich- mutton, lettuce and tomato when the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe!” And what movie does that come from?

Answer: The Princess Bride. “Good luck storming the castle!!”
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