Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Preschool Activities: Learning Shapes

By Tiffany Rudd
On Monday I started sharing my preschool curriculum with you. I'm excited to share the activities, snacks, crafts, and songs my students love the most this year and hopefully help you learn at home with your own children.

At the beginning of each year I usually spend a few days learning/reviewing colors and shapes before we start working on our numbers and letters. Most of my students already know the basics, but it is fun to review and I like to add some more difficult shapes like rhombus, octagon and even pentagon to our activities.

Snack Ideas:
      * If your child is just learning her shapes, make a plate of foods that are all the same shape each day. On Monday only circle foods, Tuesday only square foods, etc. Then, when she has learned them all, give her a plate including foods of all shapes and ask her to name the shape she is eating. Educational and delicious! :)
Activity Ideas:
      * Floor Shape Songs: This fun singing and movement activity is always a favorite. This year my students even talked me into leaving the tape on the floor for a week and repeating the songs/activities each day. Repeat this activity just a few times and your child will have the shape names learned, and have fun doing it! Click the photo below for the full post and a video demonstration.
Arts & Crafts Ideas:
      *Shape People: My preschoolers had so much fun creating these this year. All you need to do this fun art project are shapes of different colors and sizes cut out of construction paper. Because it is early in the year and we are still practicing cutting skills, I opted to cut out all the shapes this time. If your preschool is older and more comfortable with using scissors, just trace the shapes and let him/her cut them out. Then just help her glue the shapes to another piece of paper to create a shape person. Triangle hands or feet, rectangle legs, oval or circle eyes, an octagon or rhombus nose...the possibilities are endless and oh so cute!   
Free Printables:
      * Shape Tracing Review Page: This is a great simple worksheet for practicing colors, shapes, and following directions. Click on the photo below to print this page.
      * Catch Anything: This fun printable includes a placemat for "catching" shapes. Click on the photo below to see the full post and print your own.
      * Learning Placemats: If your child is a little younger, or new to learning shapes, print these shape placemats and review the shapes during meal and snack times! Click on the photo to read the full post and print your placemats.

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