Thursday, May 17, 2012

Elementary Activities: Rhyming Flowers

By Tiffany Rudd
Rhyming is an important part of learning to read. It’s also a fun skill to practice. You can call out words for your child to rhyme while washing the dishes, driving in the car, or even while you do his/her hair. I thought this rhyming flower activity would be a fun one for Spring. This is also a great activity to help beginning readers learn how to not only hear rhyming words, but also recognize them in print. 

1. Print and cut out your rhyming flowers (see link below). If your child is old enough you can allow him/her to color and cut out the flowers. I also included a page of blank flowers so you can add your own rhyming words. My printer is out of ink so this time I cut my flowers out of construction paper. It took longer than just printing them would have, but what can you do? 
2. Tape or glue your flowers to popsicle sticks. If you don’t have popsicle sticks you could improvise with straws, plastic spoons, or even sticks from a tree in your yard. 
3. Find a few small containers and tape the word cards (included in the download below) to the front. 
4. Have you child place each rhyming flower in its matching container. 
Even my 4 year old was able to participate in this activity. Once her older brother had done it a few times she asked if she could try. He read the words to her and she put them in the right place. I love to see them working together. 

Click HERE to download and print the Rhyming Flowers
*If the file does not download automatically click on the gray box that says "Download This File"

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