Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Preschool Activities: Homemade Indoor/On the Floor Obstacle Course

by Deborah Pace Rowley

This activity is perfect for those winter days when everyone is feeling cooped up and the kids are driving you crazy with too much energy. This game makes bouncing off the walls a legitimate learning activity!
Instructions: First copy the downloadable lists below. Cut the first list of actions into strips and place it in one basket or bowl. Cut the second list of characters into strips and place these strips in a second basket or bowl. Next make a clear a path from one side of your family room to the other by pushing couches etc to the side. Now place a few obstacles on the path that your child will have to go over, under or around: a big bean bag, a kitchen chair, a step stool, a play tunnel etc. 

How to Play: Have each child stand at one end of the family room and draw a character strip or an action strip out of one of the bowls. Read the strip out loud. Then watch that child cross the living room, maneuvering around each obstacle as he follows the instructions on the strip. Then it is the second child’s turn. When everyone has made it to the other side of the living room, start the game over. I like to shout “Rewind.” Then all the kids have to repeat their actions backwards across the living room at the same time. This gets all of us laughing. For an extra hard challenge you can pull out two strips (one from each bowl) and performing the action on one strip like the character on the other strip. For example: Do the obstacle course on your stomach like a soldier, sideways like a robot, on your knees like a baby, or with your eyes closed like a super hero. Repeat as often as desired.

Download our list of actions and characters HERE!

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